At Innex International Trading and Services we make businesses achieve optimal growth and expansion within such a short time. With many successful businesses haven tried our solutions, many more are in search of that Midas touch. From business management to investing in Qatar, we help you with a wide range of solutions including immigration, passport, and visa services.

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Innex International Trading and Services Company is an organisation that provides business management and development services for companies. It will help to organise and coordinate your business operations daily. It will oversee and supervise all financial transactions and ensure that your company makes a profit consistently. It uses strategic and proven techniques to ensure that businesses reach their financial and operational goals.

As professional financial consultants, Innex International Trading and Services help its clients to create a strategy to achieve general financial success. As experienced and trusted financial advisors, we usually audit the current financial status of our clients to help them strategize for sustainable financial success. We work with our clients to understand their assets and liabilities. We will then help them take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace. We can understand the strengths and weaknesses of our clients by conducting a SWOT analysis of their company. This means that we help clients develop goals and achieve them. All businesses get personalised and tailored financial services from us.

We render professional advisory business solutions for companies looking to settle in Qatar. We can help you with the following services while in Qatar:
• Looking for local Qatari business partners and investors.
• Access to business opportunities in the country.
• Advice on how to invest profitably in Qatar.
• How to access government business support and assistance.
• Business acquisition and merger services
• Business marketing services
• How to get the right office for your business.
• Access to suppliers of local products and raw materials.
• Business administration and management.
• Business Registration
• Immigration support services such as passport support, visa services, and so on.
• Corporate account opening
• Chartered accountant services such as tax, account audits, preparation of financial statements, and so on.

As an advisor to new and old businesses in Qatar, we help them grow and expand. As seasoned and experienced stakeholders in the Qatari industry, we act as a synergy for businesses to access untapped opportunities in the marketplace. We have a strong network of top industry experts and access to unlimited resources in the industry. This means that businesses (both old and new) can easily access growth and expansion opportunities in the marketplace.

Innex International Trading and Services is capable of helping local businesses achieve worldwide market penetration. We help businesses across different market segments to access excellent opportunities that are present in the global economy. Our company offers a large international footprint and a network of stakeholders to help local businesses achieve significant traction in the marketplace.

We help businesses extend their operations into new territories and regions. As commercial agents and service providers, we will help your business sell and distribute its goods and services. New businesses veering into uncharted territories can leverage our market experience and industry know-how to quickly achieve market penetration and enthusiastic customers. Our global footprint also allows us to represent local businesses in international markets. We help businesses knock down cultural barriers, unfamiliar business processes, government restrictions, and so on. You can also get marketing, business structuring, and control services from us.