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Innex International Trading and Services is a full business management company that has been helping businesses in Qatar grow exponentially. We are experts when it comes to managing your business operations to maximise throughput and revenue. We are a market-leading enterprise with a special focus on helping companies with their accounting, financial, operational, and administrative functions.

We grow your business with our proven expertise

We are a Qatar-based financial consultation company that focuses on business growth and expansion. Over the years, we have helped many businesses settle in Qatar and helped them grow over the years. We also handle immigration, visa, and passport issues.

Developing your business for better market penetration

When it comes to sustained business growth, business development management is a key performance indicator. We help you analyse likely trends in the industry and develop your business according to the dynamics of the marketplace. Our operations management services are also in line with best industry practices.

Some of Our Clients include

Financial services that you can trust

Innex International Trading and Services is among the fastest-growing financial consultation companies. Our corporate finance services include the application of various industry-leading strategies for financial management and growth. Our management finance approach has helped many businesses in Qatar experience geometric growth. We have helped many businesses in the country achieve sustainable and long-lasting financial growth.

Financial and Management Consulting

As financial and management consultants, we help sanitise everything from your corporate governance to all financial transactions.

International Business Development Services

We have the required expertise and physical footprint to help local companies become global players.

Financial Audit Services

We help companies access accurate financial audits according to industry best practices.

Topnotch corporate accounting services

When it comes to our charted accountant services, you can expect the best from us. Our chartered accountant services help businesses maintain great financial records. We also ensure that businesses operate according to the financial provisions of the country. Our charted accountant services include corporate finance, taxation, financial reporting, business recovery, and growth.

Let us help grow your business

You should know that getting accurate and industry-leading financial consultation services is key to sustained business growth. Our core competency lies in helping businesses manage their finances for streamlined operations. Our processes are driven by best industry practices. This means that you should expect nothing but the best from us. You can also get special acquisition and merger transaction support from us.

The financial advice and business solutions we provide propels our clients’ businesses to new heights while unlocking a lot of opportunities for them.

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